Printing Pictures

Now more than ever before you can have real control over the way you can process and print your digital photos. In this section I've put together some useful tips and advice to make sure you make the most of your photographs.

I personally use a mixture of both home printing for larger A4 size prints and taking my memory stick along to a large outlet mall to make smaller prints of 7X5 or 6X4 inch. Occasionally I will use an online outlet like snapfish or photobox.

There are a large number of home printers on the market today if you want to print your own. For home printing you probably want to consider two types, Inkjet Printers or Laser Printers .

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Inkjet Printers

An Inkjet printer works by placing extremely small drops of ink onto the paper, creating an image using a series of nozzles Ink Jet printers can produce over a thousand small dots to the square inch - known as dpi or dots per inch. Ink Jet printers are the most common type of printer in use today by home users and small businesses because of their cheap cost.

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Laser printers

These printers are generally used in medium to large sized businesses but as the price of laser jet printers continues to drop they are often found in homes as well. Unlike Ink Jets, Laser printers are very technical in the way they work. A laser beam "draws" the document on a metal coated drum by means of using electrical charges. After the drum is charged, it is rolled in toner, a dry powder type of ink. The toner is charged positively, it clings to the areas of the drum which are negatively discharged. Finally the drum rolls over a sheet of paper and then passes through a pair of heated rollers called the fuser. Laser printers come in both black and white and colour versions.

I would generally choose between one of the large printer manufactures such as Hewlett Packard (HP), Canon, Epson or Lexmark. It's worthwhile looking at the cost of replacement colour ink cartridges and going for the best offer.