Sharing Photos online

Cloud storage

The buzz word over the last few years has been cloud computing, along with cloud storage and cloud apps.

Undoubtedly if you want to share photos it's as good a place as any to go. You can even place some of your favourite images there.

As good as any is Windows live Skydrive where you can gave several gigabits of free storage space. The sky drive can be accessed easily by Pc's tablets and smart phones.

Dedicated photo sharing sites

The first photo sharing sites were started primarily for the service of providing online ordering of prints. Many more sites sprung up during the early 2000s with the goal of providing permanent and centralized access to a user's photos, and in some cases video clips too.

Today you can store your photos and have them printed all by the same site. .

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If want to get your pictures into an online album quickly and easily, there are several sites such as, Snapfish, Flikr, Agfa, Kodak, yahoo, photobox and Shutterfly which can probably meet most of your needs.

Some of these sites also offer special features like sending images to and from camera phones. Most of these sites make the process of uploading and managing photos and relatively easy producing a pleasant viewer experience for people to look at your photos.

More Advanced photo sharing sites

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More advanced photographers who need a site that will gives them advanced controls over how their images are displayed and who has access to them might want to tray sites like Club Photo, Dot Photo Pro, fotki, or Image Event. Many of these enthusiast-oriented sites provide forums and other means for serious photographers to exchange and discuss their work.